The focal point of Empire Polo Club are the emerald polo fields.   Most of our event space overlooks the polo grounds offering spectacular views in all directions. Exhibition polo matches and golf cart polo are part of our diverse entertainment offering. We can also accommodate a variety of other types of activities. From private Cirque du Soleil performances and headline bands to hot air balloon rides, lawn games and horse-drawn carriage rides.

Golf Cart Polo

We’d like to see Prince Charles try this! Finally a reason to put the cart before the horse.

Golf Cart Polo involves authentic and skilled polo players in the drivers seat as your guests ride shotgun, wielding a mallet, testing their skills in a spirited competition.

Empire supplies balls, mallets and helmets, and of course, golf carts, as your guests become the evening’s entertainment. Our announcer celebrates the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, as the watching audience cheers on the teams from the sidelines.

Fast becoming the most popular request at Empire Polo Club, this unique, fun and entertaining activity will be the highlight of your time spent in the desert.

Exhibition Polo Match

An evening at Empire Polo Club would not be complete without a private Exhibition Polo Match. Often referred to as the “Sport of Kings”, polo is a unique and captivating display of horsemanship once enjoyed only by royalty.

Upon arrival all in attendance will have the opportunity to meet the players and their horses by name. Your guests will be further entertained by our announcer, who will provide an informative explanation of the game, followed by a play-by-play of the action. During half time we will invite your guests to participate in our traditional “Pretty Woman” divot stomp, customarily enhanced with a flute of champagne.

Let us complete your evening with this most memorable experience as you witness the fascinating and thrilling game of polo up close and personal.

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